The new Leietheater in Deinze opened in September 2019, fulfilling a long-held dream that began with construction in September 2017. Despite having numerous cultural buildings and events, the central town of Deinze lacked a theatre and associated performances.

The design for the cultural centre was selected by the Flemish Government Architect in 2011 following an open call. Architects Bram Aerts and Jorn Bihain of V+ & Trans were chosen for the project. The building is a compact volume with a lower part in glass and aluminium and an upper part in white glazed brick. A striking feature of the building is the stage tower above the theatre podium.

The theatre has 450 fixed seats and features warm wooden interiors, as well as modern technical and acoustic facilities for an optimal viewing and listening experience. In addition to the theatre, there are meeting rooms and multi-purpose rooms, including a smaller hall with 120 retractable seats suitable for concerts, lectures and other performances.

To visit the Leietheater, please attend an event.
Or, if you're lucky, the door will be wide open and someone at the reception will let you in to have a look.