atelier José Vermeersch

Atelier José Vermeersch is the former studio of the artist José Vermeersch (1922-1997) in Lendelede. It was opened to the public in 2010 and recently renovated in 2021. The organisation's mission is twofold: to preserve Vermeersch's legacy by housing his archives (the studio looks as if he never left!) and to curate exhibitions that showcase lesser-known aspects of his work, thus ensuring its continued relevance.

José Vermeersch is a distinctive post-war sculptor whose work defies conventional art classifications. His sculptures combine influences from ancient terracotta to American Pop Art, reflecting a unique blend of styles. Originally trained as a painter under Constant Permeke and Walter Vaes, Vermeersch later turned to ceramics and bronze. His lifelike figures, mostly humans and dogs, are created from thin slabs of clay and embody restrained yet profound expressions of introspection and companionship.

The studio hosts regular exhibitions (once or twice a year) of established and emerging artists, often accompanied by literary, philosophical or musical activities. These events aim to create a vibrant meeting place for artists and art lovers of all generations, enriching the cultural landscape.

For more information, please visit their website. Please check the calendar before visiting, as the studio has limited opening hours.