Sint-Rita Church

The St. Rita Church in Harelbeke is a highlight of 1960s architecture. This exceptional modernist church, constructed in concrete, was designed by architects Léon Stynen and Paul De Meyer. Stynen's design is considered an example of 'subtle brutalism' and was intended as an homage to his contemporary Le Corbusier.

The entire church is shaped like a severed pyramid. Because of this form, a sloping window on top serves as a central light source. The base forms a hexagon with a diameter of 30 meters and the thin walls are only held together by the dome construction. Leon Stynen wanted the church to retain its original concrete color, but later on the church was painted in white. On the inside, the altar, organ, confession boxes and benches are all designed in the same modernist philosophy.

The church is open and can be visited from Mondays to Saturdays. It's closed on Sundays.